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These Foul-Ups are Common!

Tar or plastic cement should never be used on exterior faces of shingles because it traps and holds water. Watch out for this kind of repair being offered as you will be wasting your hard earned money!

This is a common problem we find at the top where two valleys meet and adjoin at the ridge and they neglect to install the felt paper and wrap the valley metal over the ridge, therefor, with the next strong storm, rain is able to blow in under the ridge and cause your leak!

Be prepared for the roofer looking to make a quick buck. Know that the picture of your roof being presented to you may not be your roof. Roof Doctor, Inc. will be glad to answer any questions you have about your suggested repair. We also offer contract review before you sign with anyone! Our years of satisfied customers is the proof in the purchase of our services!

What do I do now?

"I knew I should have called

Roof Doctor, Inc.!"

Address your roof concern before this happens to you! Roof Doctor, Inc. is available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

.........This is a leak we commonly find where lazy or incompetent roofers will finish the roof without felt paper. The customer never knows until the roofer is gone and several rains have come!

This is a damaged air vent most likely due to an inexperienced roofer walking around on your roof, not paying attention and stepped strait your air vent, not ever mentioning the damage to you! This damage will allow all types of rodents into your roof, as well as rain and snow, as this is about a 9" area.

This homeowner may be confused and just not sure where the water is leaking from! Don't let this happen to you! Less than 1% of our time in 26 years has been spent IN AN ATTIC, as we are able to diagnose your leak from the roof most every time! Call Roof Doctor, Inc. today!

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