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Employee Hiring Practices

In looking for potential employees, we seek mechanically oriented individuals with long term roofing experience who can be trained in our indisputably successful methods. 

We have found some workers with a moderate amount of experience (3-5 years or more) who believe they know every aspect of roofing and no longer need any training. They are the proverbial old dogs who can't be taught any new tricks. Instead, we seek to acquire people who are willing to learn and can retain what we've taught. 

The vision for Roof Doctor, Inc. is simple – on-going training, excellent customer service, superior roof repairs that are completed quickly and a drive to surpass the expectations of each and every customer. Each member is proud and excited to be part of a team of professionals and knowing they are a vital part of the company.

Roof Doctor, Inc. values each and every customer. We believe strongly in the value of education and training. Our staff is highly qualified and dedicated to quality roof repairs. We price our products fairly and work hard to make sure that our customers get exactly what they order. We accept nothing less then perfection when repairing your roof.

We make it a point to visit each job site and discuss any questions or concerns with the client. Our employees are clearly provided your job instructions and given and identical copy of your written work order. We want to provide the client with a superior roof and repairs done with integrity. You want a great roof? You have come to the right place.

We are are a Drug-Free Workplace.

In the pursuit of all roofing repairs and rodent proofing we use no sub-contractors as we want you to have the best service provided by the best employees. All employees are paid on an hourly or salaried basis. Some of our current employees have over a 20-year working relationship with Roof Doctor, Inc. We have carefully hand picked our partners to ensure quality workmanship and the best possible pricing for our customers. Anything you need done – we can do with 100% customer satisfaction within the agreed contract.

We bring longevity and perseverance to your project, giving you peace of mind.

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