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Preventing Winter Roof Damage

It’s always better to prevent damage than to try and repair it.  Roof experts recommend inspecting your roof twice a year; once before winter hits and once after the winter season has passed.  The first inspection prepares your roof for harsh weather and the second assesses any damage that may have been cause over the season.

When inspecting your roof, there are a few things you want to look out for.

1.       Any damaged or missing shingles that will lead to a roof leak.  This is an especially big problem in winter as the water that gets under the shingles can freeze and expand causing even more damage to your roof. 

2.       You will also want to inspect your rain gutters.  If they are blocked by debris, water can back up on your roof and freeze.  This can force water under the shingles or cause your rain gutters to pull loose from your home.  There is also a possibility of water backing up inside your soffits and could show up inside your home at the crease where walls meet the ceiling.

If you find any roof damage, you will want to have a roofing company repair it as soon as possible.  They can repair or replace damaged shingles, secure your rain gutters, and repair any other issues, and make sure your roof and rain gutters are free of debris.

Worst Case Scenario

While it is ideal to prevent damage before it occurs, it doesn’t always work out that way.  If you still experience problems with your roof in the winter, don’t assume that repairs will have to wait until the spring.  Roofers are available to work through the winter season.  If for any reason a repair cannot be made, placing a tarp over the troubled area will keep water out until repair time.


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