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Tree and Storm Damage

If you have damage to your roof from a storm, you need to have it inspected as soon as possible. Roof Doctor, Inc. does immediate storm roof inspections.

If you have suffered through more than a minor storm, it is important to contact a contractor as soon as possible if you think your roof could have storm damage. LOCAL contractors will be overwhlemed with inspection & repair calls. the longer you wait to call in a repair, the slimmer the chances are of getting a LOCAL contractor to do the work. Do you want to use an out of area service and rely on their good word? Roof Doctor, Inc. is not only local, but has been in your community since 1987.  

You can request to have us inspect your storm damaged roof by filling out our Estimate Form or by calling (816) 356-5463. Our inspector will let you know what damage you have sustained, and if you need to take any immediate actions to protect your roof and house from any further storm or water damage.


What if your roof is leaking? Or a window gets broken and a storm is coming? Will your insurance company pay the bill if more damage occurs and you did nothing to prevent it? Maybe, maybe not. You have a duty to make emergency repairs or contact someone to do emergency repairs, especially if you know that there will be more damage if nothing is done. If a tree falls on your house, and you are unable to move it, contact someone who can. Make records of all your conversations. Your insurance company will be happy to pay a contractor to protect you from further damage.  

Make sure you contact your insurance company and let them know as soon as possible. Most insurance companies will pay between $250-$300 for you to put a tarp over an area that is leaking, cover siding that has blown off or windows that are blown out. They will appreciate anything you do to help, and will usually pay you for it. 

Powerful storms contribute to roof damage and high winds will blow off your roof's shingles. In specific areas of damage, Roof Doctor, Inc. can extract and replace the damage, missing singles and torn felt paper. Blown off turbines and vent covers are also seen quite frequently after a major sorm. These repairs are immediately essential to the protection of your home, preventing further water or rodent damage.

Roof Doctor, Inc. is available 24 hours a day to come address your immediate needs! 816-356-5463

Hail Damage:

Do you have hail damage? Well here are a few clues. Was there any damage to your car? If the hail was large enough to damage your car, your roof, siding and gutters may be damaged also. If you see outward dents in your gutters, definitely. Granules laying in your downspouts, maybe. If you are not sure if you have sustained damage, you should call Roof Doctor, Inc. We will give you a no-hassle roof inspection and estimate of the damage.

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