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Custom Tailored Tear-Offs and Re-Roofs

A tear-off roof job is one in which all of the old shingles, roofing felt or tar paper and fasteners are removed, leaving a bare deck. Tear-off roof jobs are more expensive and labor-intensive than jobs in which you just place a new layer of shingles over an existing layer. Although tear-off jobs are the most thorough and longest-lasting roof repair, a non-tear-off job is adequate if your roof is in relatively good shape, without leaks or water damage.

When we say re-roof, we mean that your existing roof is only in need of new shingles. We will help you to determine if you need a re-roof or a tear-off. When we inspect your existing roof, we look to make sure that another roof can be installed over the existing roof. We check for soft spots which may indicate rotten decking. We pay close attention to the areas in valleys, and around chimneys, skylights, and vents. We also see how many layers of roofing material you have on your home. To be in compliance with code, your home can only have two layers.

Roof Doctor, Inc. takes pride in all work we complete. Serving all of the Greater Kansas City Area, and backed by over 26 years of expertise, we have the knowledge to perform superior re-roofing services. Find out more about our re-roofing process below.

  1. The day before we start: The day before we start the re-roof we will deliver the dump trailer and position it at the job-site. We usually place it on the driveway backed up to the garage door. We will also go up onto the roof and tear off approximately 3 feet of shingles on each side of the main ridge and dry this area in with new felt. We do this so when the material delivery truck arrives at 7 am the next morning the new shingles will not be placed on top of the old shingles that need to be removed. If we did not do this step we would have to move the new shingles to tear off the old shingles underneath.
  2. The 1st day of the re-roof: On the first day of the re-roof we will arrive by 7am and start tearing off the old roof and placing it into the dump trailer. The materials will arrive at 7am and they will be placed on the roof on top of the new felt we installed the day before. Typically the first day is spent removing the old roof, repairing any rotten wood and installing the new felt. If any time is remaining we will start applying the new roof. At the end of every day the house is left dried in and protected, meaning that if rain should fall during the night or at any time we are not there the house is protected and will not leak.
  3. The 2nd day of the re-roof: The second day is spent installing the new roof. We will arrive by 7am and work as long as the temperature permits. In some cases during the hottest months we have to go home at 1pm because the shingles get so hot that just walking across them damages them. This is the reason we start so early. In most cases the average size home will be completed on the second day. Sometimes if it rains or is very hot we might need to come back the 3rd day to install vents or finish up details.
  4. The day after the re-roof is completed:On this day we will return to run the magnet bar one more time and remove the dump trailer and take it to the landfill to be emptied.
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