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February 2016

10 Easy Steps to an April Showers Roof Tune-Up

1.       Remove all debris from the roof, paying 
special attention to valleys and crevices.

2.       Have the gutter and down spouts inspected 
          and cleaned, making sure they are secured.

3.       Perform a visual inspection from the ground
                             for loose shingles and/or flashing.

4.       Have a professional roof inspection 
          for preventative maintenance.

5.       Check all sewer vent and pipes, pipe flashings,
                                 and grommets to very easily prevent kitchen
                                 and bathroom ceiling leaks.

6.       Trim any tree branches which are on 
           or near the roof.

7.       Check for any apparent rodent entries
                                                    via soffits, eaves, or vents.

8.       Look into air vents for any bird or 
          rodent nesting signs.

9.       Closely inspect the chimney flashing.

10.       Always put your safety first 
            and call a professional.